Ambient space rock that quietly orbits sci-fi sounds.

"Mood of Space".  The mood, the awe, the mystery, the vastness, of space.  Not just outer space, but the silent spaces between rhythmic pulses.  Painting the space between the beats, where harmonies and melodies exist as atmosphere. 


 Mood of Space invites you to reflect on our place in the cosmos and consider the mysterious sounds that lie beyond our understanding. Mood of Space can vary from the cosmic and majestic to the subtle and introspective, creating a rich emotional soundscape for artistic interpretation.

Traveling on the sonic journey that blends ambient space rock with sci-fi nuances, Matt Linder has been synthesizing evocative sounds using electronic and acoustic instruments since the analog era of magnetic tape. From dynamic cosmic rock to serene ambient soundscapes, Matt's music paints vivid landscapes that resonate with influences like Steve Roach, Pink Floyd, John Carpenter, and Sigur Ros.


His work in the visual arts, particularly animation and feature film visual effects, broadens the sonic and visual horizons of his compositions. Matt's music, resonating with amorphous melodies and nostalgic sweeps of analog synthesizers, mirrors the aesthetics of science fiction movies or stylized experimental animation.


Ethereal sounds seamlessly evolve into cosmic-scape compositions, supporting passionate melodies and dark, cryptic lyrics. When not immersed in the creation of sonic landscapes, Matt finds Los Angeles his grounding for its large vibrant music and art scene.  He resides there with his wife and two canine companions.