Ambient space rock that quietly orbits sci-fi sounds.

Mood of Space oscillates on many musical styles from ambient to melodic post rock. Spacious synthesizers and mellow guitar solos fill out arrangements in the vain of film scores or minimal experiments. 

 Influenced from watching Blade Runner, Eraserhead, and listening to progressive ethereal guitar loops echo over, and over, and mixed with mellow analog synthesizers drones and lyrical content of an astronaut with a microphone drifting in outer space. Drawing heavily from visions in dreams, waking deja vus, and foggy, rainy days.


Atmospheric, surreal, visual, experimental.  Otherworldly.  Rock in reserve and wet with chaotic echoes.


Not only outer space, but the silent space between rhythmic pulses.  The space between the beats, where harmonies and melodies could exist.


Painting the silence between the beats and visualizes the vacuum of a lonely mind in space.