Ambient space rock that quietly orbits sci-fi sounds.

Mood of S_P_A_C_E oscillates on many musical styles from concrete to melodic progressive. Spacious synthesizers and mellow guitar solos fill out arrangements in the vain of film scores or minimal experiments. 

Matt Linder formed Mood of S_P_A_C_E in the 1990's as a way to exercise the strange sounds heard in his head.  Influenced by bands like Pink Floyd, Vangelis, Radiohead, Brian Eno, Grouper, and Low.  Mood of S_P_A_C_E performs live when ever possible and is continually creating new soundscapes for moving visuals or snug headphone listening in quiet bedrooms.


Mood of S_P_A_C_E  has been creating and releasing music sometimes on cassette tapes, sometimes CD-R's, sometimes only with ones and zeros. Music that is written, performed and produced in a small gear crowded studio in Burbank, California. An effect and reaction achieved from watching Blade Runner and listening to progressive ethereal blues guitars echo over mellow analog synthesizers and lyrical content usually not about love.  Pulled by a strong desire to explore surreal sounds like an astronaut with a microphone drifting in outer space. Drawing heavily from visions in dreams, waking deja vus, and foggy days. Creating ambient collages with obscure structures that hide clarity of mental states.


Atmospheric, surreal, visual, experimental. Mood of S_P_A_C_E  music can be a star-field audio twinkle or a gravitational pulsing wave.   Minimal movement slowly orbiting hypnotically contracting event horizons.


The sound put to tape is otherworldly.  Rock in reserve and wet with chaotic echoes.


Not only outer space, but the silent space between rhythmic swells.  The space between the beats is where harmonies and melodies exist.

A discovery of different amplitudes and waveforms.  Allowing the sound to be the sound.  Hypothesizing as it evolves visually and emotionally regardless of structure.

The Mood of S_P_A_C_E  paints the silence between the beats and visualizes the vacuum of a lonely mind in space.